Check Out The 5 Best Places to Have Sex in India

Monsoon is the most romantic of all seasons, don’t you think? Heaviness in the air, cool and damp climate, lush green environment and soothing breeze…it is like the nature is conspiring to let you stay in the bed the whole day and get some (or all)!

So, make the most of this salubrious climate, this rainy season (or as we call it, the mating season). We suggest you fly away to one of these breathtaking locations and get lucky against the backdrop of grey clouds making love to lush green hilly tops!



The ultimate party capital of India, Goa will never, ever disappoint you. Goa beaches are at their mesmerising best during the rainy season. With no touristy crowd to disturb, this beach-town is a perfect place to get laid.



Known as a backpackers’ paradise, this quaint town in Karnataka is known for its beautiful and non-commercialised beaches. Sounds like a perfect place to meet someone interesting, fire-up a conversation and get lucky in the end, right?



Cool, misty atmosphere and thickly forested hills of Coorg demand that you have sex! Though Coorg is not thickly populated with crowds all year long, it is a perfect location to let go of your inhibitions and have an amazing love-making session.



Pahalgam in Kashmir is one of those dreamy locations where you always pictured yourself making love on the tune of some slow, romantic song! If you have no time for romance then, you can get adventurous and venture out in the snow to get naughty there.



This picturesque hill station in the Himalayan ranges is like the perfect place to have a sexual rendezvous. This is a paradise for the adrenaline junkies as this place guarantees you an action-packed holiday, combining some adventurous sports with sex.

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