Welcome to our donation page! We appreciate and thank you even just for the thought of giving us a donation!

You may ask…


Why do you need donation?

India E-Travel is a non profitable website blog which operated and solely funded by the founder itself. The opportunities of earning through the site operation is minimal, if there were any at all.

However, a certain amount of expenses tends to be incurred in order for us to both maintain and keep the site operation alive. The fees that we need to cover including the cost of site hosting, domain name, and email hosting – just to mention a few of it. If you were satisfied and value the works which were done by us, please consider donating to help our cause. We appreciate any amount of donation that may help to relieve the burden and cost even if it was of little significance.


What about the site sponsor? Do they not pay you for the favor in return?

Nope. Our partner mostly contributes in our giveaway by sponsoring us their products for free to our site reader. We do not and will never charge them for our works.


How much do the site cost you? What if the amount of donation exceed the cost incurred by the site operation?

The cost of the site is confidential and we afraid that we will not be able to disclose the amount. However, be rest assured that all the donation received will be spent on our site operation only. Any extra income earned from donation will be indirectly going back to you (donator and reader) as high chances would be that it will be spent on organizing a giveaway (a poll will be conducted beforehand about the prize you would like us to host).


Am I required to donate to enjoy full benefits of the site? As a donator would there be any special privilege?

No. No one shall be forced to make a donation nor will be discriminated for not doing so. A special privilege for the donator? We would love to hear from you about that and we welcome any suggestion! How about your name listed and featured as our donator on this particular page?


I wish I could afford to spare a penny, but unfortunately…

Don’t worry, we understand the situation that few can afford to spend and it couldn’t be helped especially if you were still a student. But hey, you can still contribute by helping us spreading the word around about India E-Travel!


Any alternative for donating purpose other than PayPal?

Please do let us know if you were having any issue making a donation with PayPal. If you wish to donate via other payment methods, please do not hesitate to let us know and we will come back to you with a solution!


Need convincing?

We are tired and thirsty from having to face our computer everyday. Mind to spare some buck and buy us some drink?