How to Locate Your P Spot with Prostate Massagers

The female G-spot is now known to many. Only a few are aware that there is also a male G-spot. A man can experience unprecedented climaxes by stimulating this erogenous zone.

What is the male G-spot?

Similar to the female G-spot, the male G-spot is a certain zone in which a particularly large number of sensory nerves end and touches are therefore felt to be extremely intense and stimulating. In men, this point consists of the posterior wall of the so-called prostate. That is why it is sometimes called the P-point.

This zone is so sensitive that men can reach this climax through sexual stimulation alone. This feels completely different from a normal orgasm achieved by stimulating the penis shaft and is often experienced by men as even more tingling and satisfying.

Male pleasure seems nonexistent outside the penis and ejaculation, often associated with orgasm. However, a little-known area offers unsuspected ecstasies: the prostate. It remains taboo, the access route to the 7th heaven passing through the anus. Sensual zoom on prostate massage…

Prostate massage, a different pleasure

The prostate happens to be a gland, chestnut size, located under the bladder, in front of the rectum. Its primary function is to produce part of the seminal fluid contained in the sperm. It synthesizes secretions which will help the sperm to remain fertile. But the prostate is not limited to this role and proves to be much more sulphurous… It is even baptized by certain ” point P “, in comparison with the point G of these ladies. Its effective stimulation multiplies the pleasure, due to its proximity to the urethra. It is the rectum that provides wonderful access to point P, located seven centimeters from the anus. Her caresses, called prostate massage, cause powerful pleasure. The sensations are different from the orgasm caused by penile stimuli. There, the pleasure is deeper and more interior, without necessarily being accompanied by this external manifestation that is ejaculation.

Several possibilities are available to men and their lovers: the finger can be used, or a sex toy (see box). Before starting, some rules of hygiene are essential: whoever massages must have perfectly clean hands and nails cut short to avoid damaging the fragile walls of the rectum.

Confidence, complicity and relaxation form an ideal framework for this particularly intimate pleasure: the ideal is to relax and excite the lover, for example with an erotic massage, ending voluptuously by the buttocks. Second step: gently massage the anus with the finger pulp to coax it. A lubricant is highly recommended; it greatly facilitates massage since the anus and rectum is not lubricated. And when the massage is ready, his or her partner gently enters his well lubricated finger, most often the middle finger to the appropriate length (technical precision, the finger pulp must be directed towards the side of the man’s belly, and not towards the back).

Softness and patience then guarantee the success of the prostate massage… The operation remains delicate, as excited and motivated as the lover. By being in too much of a hurry, the masseur risks the wrong movement, which will stiffen or stress the man abandoned to his caresses.

Once the finger in the rectum, it continues to advance slowly, until you feel a chestnut under the pulp, about 7 cm from the anus. It has a softer consistency, like a foam ball. The “come there” movement is ideal for gently stimulating the prostate, (in other words by flexing and slightly extending the finger). The force of the pressure is variable according to the men and to adapt to the reactions. The massaged should feel invaded by a pleasant sensation, increasing with stimulation. The pleasure spreads deeply and intensely.

How do you find the G spot in men?

Finding the male G spot is relatively easy. It lies on the front inner wall of the rectum, in a straight line about two centimeters from the entrance and can be felt as a slight curvature that swells more and more with continuous stimulation. You can quickly tell that you are massaging the right place from the explosively increasing excitement of your partner.

The P-spot can be found reliably with specially preformed anal toys ( prostate vibrator ), for example with the LELO Billy vibrator. These toys are anatomically designed so that they automatically massage the male G-spot with their vibration when inserted rectally. Take a look at LoveGasm product offerings for more options to choose from.

Playful variants…

Please be gentle at the beginning

Whether finger or toy, a gentle approach to this ” male G-spot ” is definitely recommended for the beginning. But please don’t be too shy. At first, the man may be surprised by the new touches, but if you get the right point, it could be the best sex of his life for him.

When the insertion of a finger is repugnant or simply to vary the pleasures, it is possible to turn to sex toys, either an anal plug or a vibrating prostate massager. Some are even duplicated: vaginal or rectal (obviously to wash well between two uses!). It is useless to make a back and forth movement, as with a female vaginal sex toy, the vibrations of the prostate massager are enough.

How should the prostate be fun during sex?

The prostate is a sensitive organ that can be stimulated by internal and external massage.

According to a survey by sex toy manufacturer, 71 percent of heterosexual men in a relationship have already tried a prostate massager or would do so.

Eight out of ten women indicated that they would treat their partner to a prostate massage if they so wished.

And: The intensity of the climax should be up to 33 percent higher with a prostate orgasm than with “conventional” orgasm by stimulating the penis.

Why is this point important for health?

The male G-spot is also very important from a medical point of view. Because the prostate is a secretion-forming gland, a secretary head leads from it to the penis. During orgasm, the prostate secretion is transported to ejaculation. It is good for this gait if it is flushed regularly – this happens every time the P-spot is stimulated and then its secretions are released. So no inflammation or calcifications can form in the gland or in the passage. So if you spoil your partner at the male G-spot, you are also contributing to your health.

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