What is Butt Plug and why should we use it

Butt plugs with rhinestones or beautiful tails are bought by thousands of people for erotic butt plug activities. Choose an accessory of different shapes and sizes can be in the sex shop. But what are these devices used for? Who should buy a sleeve with a tail or a beautiful crystal? What sensations will they give to the user?

What is anal jewelry?

Anal sex in the 21st century is practiced by many. Every year there are more and more lovers of such experience. In the area of ??the anus is a huge amount of nerve endings and their stimulation can cause the strongest orgasms. And so that experiments with this hole were pleasant and painless, practical accessories are created.

Butt plug is a device that helps the preparation for anal sex. It is introduced into the body, gives a feeling of fullness and slightly stretches the hole. It also helps to get used to a foreign object in the anus. After its application, more voluminous things can be introduced into the narrow hole.

Butt plug has the shape of a droplet or cone. It gradually expands so that the introduction is neat and painless. Then there is a narrow leg and a wide base. The cork is designed to be inserted into the body, to be worn, but not for translational movements. She cannot get stuck in the body or dive too deep. Application is safe.

The anal ornament is a cork, at the base of which is placed a beautiful crystal or fur part. These details are decorative; it makes the product elegant and attractive. And the tail also allows you to reincarnate as a chanterelle, cat or bunny.

Who needs anal rhinestones and anal tails?

Who buys anal tails and anal rhinestones? People who like to experiment in bed and not afraid to try something new are the purchasers. There are several groups of users who choose anal jewelry for frequent use:

  • Lovers of anal sex: Anal rhinestone gives fullness. This pleasant feeling can be combined with other types of sex or with masturbation. Introducing and removing the plug also provides a pleasant stimulation.
  • Active participants in role-playing games. Someone chooses a full costume for reincarnation, and someone anal tail. One detail can completely change the image. Since anal plugs with tails are of different colors, shapes and sizes, you can turn into a horse, a unicorn, a dog and other heroes. It is easy to add a tail with ears, a mask, and antennae. And it is worth buying a leash and collar for the game, and maybe a whole harness.
  • Men who are looking for an unusual gift for the beloved. A beautiful anal rhinestone in a stylish box is a great gift for any occasion. The price can vary from a small amount to a very significant, and will depend on the manufacturer and the material of the device.
  • Couples, who are looking for new sensations, want to diversify intimacy. If suddenly everything in bed has become boring, you should start experimenting. And anal toys for this fit perfectly. Small corks with rhinestones this is a reason to smile, and a way to experience something unusual. Already at the stage of choosing a product you will have to talk about desires, share fantasies, and this brings together. And then there will be the first test of the device and dozens of points of different applications. This is definitely worth a try.
  • People who experience discomfort from anal sex. Butt plug with rhinestones helps eliminate pain. It allows you to get used to the sensations in the anus. It also stretches the hole, preparing for large objects. It is recommended to buy 2 traffic jams – one small, the second bigger. And first use the first, then the second, and only then move on to the introduction of a member.
  • Girls who want to surprise a man. He really will be interested to see his lady in beautiful lingerie, under which lies a bright color crystal. Such a thing will be for him an invitation to sex, and it will help her to show sexuality and femininity.
  • Buy an anal tail or cork with rhinestones can each pair. This detail can be used also for games with temperature. If the base is made of metal, the immersion part can be heated or cooled before use. To do this, immerse the stopper in cold or hot water for 5-7 minutes, and it takes the desired temperature. And then you can immerse it in the body, getting even more pleasure from the process.

Method of application of anal plugs with a tail

Erotic games with anal tail can be planned or spontaneous. In the first case, the scenario is discussed in advance, the direction of the plot development is chosen. And the heroes have time to prepare. Even the anticipation of action is interesting.

Spontaneous role-playing game is planned only by one partner. For example, a girl meets her man already in the image. There is a tail in the ass, ears are on the head, and there is no clothing on the body or only a transparent stocking that fits all forms. And then the second participant simply enters the game, begins to play along with the little creature that was waiting for him.

Before the game, the anal tail is inserted into the body. To make the introduction painless, it is important to use a special intimate lubricant. It is applied on the body and on the tip of the toy, it softens the skin, improves gliding.

After the dive, the tail will not fall out, will not move. It is held firmly in the body. But the bigger the traffic jam, the harder it is to move with it. If active actions, long application are planned, it is recommended to buy an anal tail with a maximum diameter up to 4 cm.

In the body of a metal or glass tube can be up to 4 hours in a row. It is not recommended to hold more without interruption. But someone needs 10-30 minutes to complete the game completely. After removing the anal plug with a tail, the immersion part must be washed. It is important to remove all dirt from the surface. To do this, apply a mild soap. Sometimes you have to wash and tail. It is dipped in soapy water and a sponge is carried out on a nap in one direction. Then rinse the tail and dry, wrapped in a towel. When it is slightly wet, hang out in the open air. We often do not recommend washing the tail, as some of the hairs may fall out.

Method of application of anal plugs with rhinestones

Anal rhinestones come in different shapes, sizes and weights. When choosing jewelry for the ass you need to pay attention to the maximum diameter of sex toys. For beginners, 3 centimeters are enough, for experienced users up to 5 centimeters.

Butt plugs can be made of glass, metal, PVC or silicone. Most of the decorations are quite tough, not flexible. This gives greater stimulation, but is not always suitable for long placement in the body.

Light metal cork hollow plugs can weigh over 100 g. This is a decent weight that feels good. But again lightweight options are chosen for wearing.

The introduction of anal plug with rhinestones can be turned into a fascinating prelude. For a start, it is worth stretching the hole with your fingers a little, and only then immersing the sex toy. Gradual administration will cause great excitement. But if you want to surprise your partner, you can install the device yourself. To make the sensations pleasant at this moment, it is important not to forget about the lubricant.

Anal rhinestones invisible under clothing

They are not visible under the erotic underwear. Therefore, to combine such a decoration is better not with panties, but with a stocking on the body. He creates the illusion of clothing, but there are slits in the crotch area. These openings do not interfere with sex, and a transparent jumpsuit does not have to be removed during erotic games.

Do you need a butt plug with rhinestones or an anal tail? If you love anal sex or just want to try it, then such accessories will definitely be useful. They will prepare for anal sex in very unusual ways. The element of the game will make communication more interesting, and excitement is stronger. This is a fairly new device, and in many sex shops it is not yet represented.

What is sold under this name is anal plug?

Sleeves differ from traffic jams in one: the presence of a through hole. One of the names of these toys is a tunnel plug. Plugs have wider use than plugs. The presence of the tunnel, allows you to use them during anal sex, pegging or dildo stimulation! Some models of anal plugs are equipped with a lid, closing the tunnel from the outside. In this design, the sleeve can be worn for several days.

Wearing a sleeve without taking out for a long time, allows you to keep the sphincter unstressed all the time, which contributes to the development of the anus as quickly as possible. In the future, you can refuse from permanent wear. And to keep the anus in good shape, you can go only to the night extender.

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